About me

I am a policy analyst, visual communicator and higher education researcher with an interest in technology, identity, equity, information and research practice. I am passionate about the well being and success of students in higher education and ways that knowledge can be translated into evidence-based tools, policy and techniques to enhance their well-being and success both at university and long after graduation. My current research interest is in the success of research students in the university as social institution.

I occasionally write and contribute to Policy Attitudes via the Medium and Twitter (@PolicyAttitudes). You can also find my on Twitter (@harryrofl).

Some experience

  • I have over 10 years experience working as a freelance (personal) website designer and developer.
  • I have over 6 years experience as a company director.
  • I have 5 years experience as a policy analyst, having working for the Council of Australian University Liberians (CAUL) as Communication and Policy Officer and currently for the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering as Senior Policy Analyst.
  • I am a PhD graduate from the University of Tasmania and currently a Research Associate at the Australian National University (ANU) Australian Studies Institute (AUSI).

You can read more about me on LinkedIn.

Articles published


Conference presentations

  • Rolf H.G., Palmer N. (2018). Patterns of collaboration in higher degrees by research, in Quality in Postgraduate Research (QPR) conference (proceedings of), Adelaide.
  • Rolf H.G., Armstrong D. (2016). Becoming a researcher: mapping critical decisions in the identity development of HDR students, in the 5th International Academic Identities Conference (proceedings of), Sydney.
  • Rolf H.G., Armstrong D. (2016). Measuring Collaboration by HDR students, in Quality in Postgraduate Research (QPR) conference (proceedings of), Adelaide.